David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love This Giant

May 27


David Byrne & St. Vincent announce release of Brass Tactics EP

After the release of Love This Giant last year, we did a tour of North America and Australia that was like nothing we’ve ever done before—drums, keys and Annie and I supported by 8 choreographed brass players. We did the new material, but also a lot of recognizable songs, arranged for that group. The sound is incredible, and it’s a bit of a visual spectacle as well. We were pretty excited at how it turned out. The critical and audience response was great too! Touring a group that size with a fairly complex show is a big financial gulp, so it has taken us a while to collect enough offers in North America and Europe, but ow they are in and we kick off in a few weeks.

One of our business folks had the idea that we might offer a taste of what we’re up to—so we put together an EP to give folks a taste of what to expect. It has one song that didn’t make it on the record (a waltz featuring some lovely glass harmonica), a couple of energized remixes of some of the album tunes and two live tracks of the sort of more familiar material we do in the set. Did we say it’s FREE? We’re very excited at how this whole project came out so we want more folks to discover it. Download it below!

We are so excited to get the horns out of their cases, the mics plugged in and the guitars tuned up for the upcoming Love This Giant leg. We’ll be hitting some spots we missed the first time around in the US and embarking on an entirely new European adventure. We’ll be hitting some spots we missed the first time around in the US—and embarking on an entirely new European adventure. Beware a DB/STV band bicycle gang storming your town’s best local haunts. Summer is here. Let’s dust off our choreography shoes and get back in there.